Autonolas Community Update 003

Growing Together Edition
2022-02-25 • Autonomous Contributors

It’s been another jam-packed month here at Autonolas HQ. Since our last update, we’ve continued to plug away behind the scenes, refining and expanding our tech stack, and growing the Autonolas community, rolling out more and better opportunities for you to get involved.

Tech Stack/Academy

The Agent Dev Academy Cohort 2 is well underway and Cohort 3 will be getting started soon. There are more applicants each time and the selection process has become more and more selective as new devs discover the program. Applications are still open for Cohort 4, but don’t delay if you’re interested!

Academy Cohort 2 is hard at work on a keeper system that will integrate with Keep3r. We’ve been posting about their progress in weekly threads on our Twitter account. You can see the most recent thread here.

We also ran a blog post where we interviewed the Academy’s first cohort on their experiences. It’s valuable reading for anyone considering joining a future cohort. You can read that here.

Another exciting project is a site that visualizes a running agent service: a robust price oracle! We are looking forward to having this up and running soon, to better communicate what’s possible with our stack.


This will be live soon and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Good progress has been made on our whitepaper. We are currently working through all of the specific regulatory details. In due course we will announce its public release.

Community Building

The World Buildathon has wrapped and we are judging the entries. We received some very cool and creative submissions and will be announcing our winners very soon. Join us in the #world-buildathon channel for all the latest.

We ran two other blog posts since our last update: first was this post from our parent organization Valory. Part of the journey to get to where we are now involved forking these two projects our cofounder, David M contributed to and the post explains why and how that decision was made.

We also created this Guide to Getting into Web3 — a curated list of resources for developers looking to get into web3. If you know someone who might benefit from a guide like this, please share it with them. You can send them the article linked above, or @mention them on this thread.

Our Community Office Hours recently have featured live streams, where our designer created NFT artwork for our Academy graduates live: you can see timelapses she created here, here and here.

academy cohort one nfts

Academy Cohort One’s finished NFT artwork

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the growth of our project. We’d love it if you would follow us on Twitter and join the Discord.

We also invite you to connect with us every first Friday for Community Office Hours. This is an open-ended opportunity to ask questions, get answers and get involved. The event happens here.

That’s all for this month — see you on the Discord!

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