Autonolas Community Update 013

Coordinating Greatness Edition
2023-05-19 • Autonomous Contributors

Welcome back! It has been a while since we released a Community Update, but we are excited to share that there is a lot to cover. In this update, we will highlight new technical capabilities, exciting AI integrations, community-generated contributions, and expansions to our partnerships with other organizations.

This update continues from where our Autonolas Year in Review left off. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Media Appearances

Valory CEO and co-founder David Minarsch has been getting out there and sharing some exciting ideas in talks and on podcasts, and we’re glad to say they have been very well received.

First was David’s talk at ETHDenver in March, where he debuted the “Co-owned AI” concept in public for the first time. You can watch a replay here:

For a readable summary of the talk, you can check out this thread.

He also spoke at this year’s IPFS þing in Brussels, where he shared a look into how Autonolas makes use of IPFS:

Most recently, David was a guest on’s DAOTalk podcast, where the conversation covered all things DAOs, including how AI can make them better and exploration of various Autonolas use-cases for DAOs.

Give it a listen on Spotify, and let us know what you think.

Products and Partnerships

The ecosystem of products and services using Autonolas technologies has expanded quite a bit recently, as have our partnerships.

Our newest partnership is one of the most exciting so far. We’ve teamed up with Ceramic to bring AI-powered DAO tooling that combines the power of Autonolas with Ceramic’s composable, decentralized data. You can learn more about the project on Ceramic’s blog.

This is our second venture working with Ceramic; earlier in the year, we were awarded and completed a grant project that delivered IEKit, an Autonolas-enabled solution for building Impact Evaluators.

For an intro to IEKit, check out this blog post and explore the demo here.

One of our biggest milestones ever came in February, when we were (finally!) able to share the Autonolas whitepaper and it’s been awesome to get your reactions and feedback. When we released the full whitepaper, we also shared a shortened, 4-page summary and a series of summary threads that break down the paper section-by-section.

Valory also released new offerings recently: Valory Propel is a menu of service offerings that aim to help people and organizations get their Autonolas-based autonomous services up and running with minimal effort.

For a quick introduction to Propel, check out this thread.

There’s also a newsletter available where you can stay up to date with releases, projects and other news: check out issues 01 and 02 and sign up to receive future issues here.

We also continued to explore the possibility of leveraging the recent advancements in AI with Governatooorr, an AI-powered delegate that can vote on DAO proposals on your behalf - either for good, or for evil if you dare!

You can try out Governatooorr today here and why not mint a commemorative NFT?

The Smart Managed Pools product, built as a part of the Balancer Grants program has also grown and the whitelist for early adopters is now open. SMP versions have now been run on both main and testnets.

Another of our exciting forays into AI is Centaurs. This Autonolas-powered service allows you and your community to collaboratively train and share ownership of an AI. You can request access to Centaurs here.

We also recently shared another integration of AI into the Autonolas toolkit: AEA-BabyAGI expands on Yohei Nakajima’s influential project, bringing the power of Open AEA to personalized GPT-4 agents. Check out the repo here.

Infrastructure and Developer Tools

Valory engineers have been hard at work expanding the capabilities, stability and usefulness of the Autonolas stack.

As of May 18th, 2023, Open Autonomy is up to v0.10.4 and Open AEA to v1.340.

Another great milestone was the release of the Open Autonomy Client SDK. This library makes it even easier for developers to interact with the multi-agent systems that are at the heart of our autonomous services.

Autonolas Toolkits are a collection of code repositories that developers can fork when building their apps and services. They include:

  • SMPKit - for services that execute investment strategies on liquidity pools
  • MintKit - for services with minting capabilities
  • CoordinationKit - for services that provide evolving NFT badges that track contributions
  • MLKit - for services with custom machine learning capabilities
  • OracleKit - for services that provide data streams onto the blockchain
  • IEKit - allows services to use Ceramic streams for automated tracking of user contributions

The Autonolas protocol itself is also expanding in accessibility, and is currently deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, the Görli testnet and has recently been launched on Polygon.

The documentation has also been kept up-to-date, and is now more useful than ever. If you’re a developer, we’d love to know what you think of it!

The Autonolas DAO

At the heart of Autonolas is the Autonolas DAO, which has seen some recent markers of maturation:

We had the first token epoch close, and donations distributed to developers.

SolidityFinance recently completed an audit of the tokenomics contracts, and we’re proud to say that they found zero external vulnerabilities. Nice!

Protocol Owned Services also became a reality as Autonolas Contribute became the first service to be owned by the Autonolas protocol.

Another group of important proposals that passed recently were summed up in this thread.

Community Contributions

Autonolas community members have been taking the scope, scale and quality of their contributions to new heights.


Two exciting hacks that incorporate Autonolas technologies are Liquidation Station, which won a prize on the PWNDao track at ETHZurich, and AI Mechs, which won a prize from Graph Protocol at ETHLisbon. We are incredibly excited about the potential of these new AI technologies and their applications in the crypto space. In fact, we are spinning off a virtual conference to explore standards at the intersection of AI and crypto. We would love to have you join us, so please let us know you're interested by filling out this form: Form Link.

We’d love to have you join us, so please let us know you’re interested by filling out this form.

Wrapping Up

If you made it this far, thank you for your time and attention–we know this has been a long document, and we appreciate you sticking with us!

We’d love to connect with you further, so here’s a few ways for you to get involved:

We'd also like to remind you that we always appreciate your feedback on the content and presentation of this update. These posts are for you, our community members, so we want to make them serve your needs first. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please drop by the Discord or send us a DM on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

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