Autonolas Contribute PoSe

A major milestone in ownable decentralized off-chain services

Introducing the first Protocol-owned Service (PoSe)

In an exciting step toward a truly decentralized future, the Autonolas DAO has voted to make Autonolas Contribute the first Protocol-Owned Service (PoSe). This blog post delves into the concept of PoSe, its importance, and how it will revolutionize the world of decentralized applications.

Understanding Protocol-owned Services (PoSes)

A Protocol-Owned Service (PoSe) is an innovative business model in which an on-chain protocol owns off-chain productive services and reaps profits from them. This structure fosters and incentivizes the creation and development of autonomous services.

The significance of PoSes

The PoSe primitive allows off-chain processes, which are typically centrally operated, to be developed, maintained, and run in a decentralized manner. This strengthens decentralized ecosystems by enabling protocols to perform and own off-chain processes such as complex processing, running continuously, and communicating with any API.

Protocol-owned services are also crucial to the Autonolas DAO's business model. The DAO aims to generate revenue from some of its protocol-owned services, which will then be used to encourage the development of new autonomous services—many of which may also be protocol-owned. To learn more about the Autonolas DAO's business model, be sure to check out their whitepaper.

Autonolas Contribute: The first PoSe

For those unfamiliar with the project, Autonolas Contribute is an innovative product that elevates the contribution experience for members of the Autonolas community. It offers community members the chance to mint an autonomously upgrading NFT badge. As members take actions that contribute to Autonolas' growth, their badges update to reflect their invaluable contributions.

Today marks a significant milestone in the journey toward decentralized ownership of off-chain services, as Autonolas Contribute becomes the first PoSe. The Autonolas DAO now assumes the role of service owner, meaning that the service is fully specified and managed via the DAO's governance process.

For practical purposes, a "subDAO" of the governance may be responsible for curating the service. Third-party operators will run the service, while third-party developers will deliver future code improvements. Profits generated from the service's operation may be donated to the protocol and shared with developers who contributed their coding expertise.

The Future of Protocol-Owned Services

The Autonolas community is eager to see how the PoSe model develops and how it will benefit the decentralized ecosystem. For more in-depth information on PoSes, be sure to consult the Autonolas whitepaper.

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