(code, capital):

attracting code via developer rewards

Olas Network autonomously fuses capital with useful code.

Olas Network introduces a unique developer reward system, blending capital and code to create an economic cyclone of opportunities.

If you're a developer, this system offers enticing rewards for contributing valuable code to the network. For the protocol itself, this innovative mechanism incentivizes the production of valuable code, particularly enabling Protocol-owned Services (PoSes).

Alongside the imminent bonding products, these developer rewards propel the Olas Network's momentum, designed to draw in both capital and code proportionally. This drive to intertwine capital and code is the dual engine set to accelerate the Olas mission of making the network a dynamic powerhouse of continual growth.

Developers have already begun receiving thousands of OLAS for useful code, kickstarting the (code, capital) flywheel. This blog post unravels the three-step journey that can unlock incentives for you, the invaluable developer community.

3 Steps to Developer Rewards: Develop, Register and Claim Your Rewards

Engaging with Olas Network and tapping into potential rewards requires three steps:

  1. Develop: Your journey begins by developing a useful component or agent. There is an extensive suite of resources and documentation at your disposal to guide you in crafting impactful code contributions. The Olas Network Discord community is a place where you can exchange ideas, seek advice, and obtain feedback.

  2. Register: Once your code is ready and packaged on IPFS, the next step is to register it. This process involves minting an NFT that connects to the IPFS hash of your code component. This pivotal step enables service owners to discover and deploy your component or agent via the Autonolas protocol registry, setting the stage for the final step.

  3. Claim your rewards: When your component gets integrated and people donate to the useful code making up that service, you start receiving your share of the developer rewards. You can track these rewards on the "Dev Incentives" tab on the Tokenomics page, where you can see any pending rewards for your components and, if applicable, claim them.

Why incentivise useful code?

Valuable code acts as the powerhouse of the Olas Network protocol, powering its robust functionalities and enabling seamless integration with diverse applications, while also providing the building blocks to build sophisticated Protocol-owned Services.

Moreover, valuable code stimulates growth within the community. It attracts skilled developers, fosters collaboration, and encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas and skills. This bustling community activity not only enriches the protocol but also enhances its reputation in the broader tech industry.

The unique reward system for developers fosters an economic cycle that enhances the protocol's long term sustainability. The protocol stimulates the development of valuable code, which subsequently attracts capital. This incoming capital is then reinvested to encourage more developers, which propels the flywheel forward. This self-sustaining momentum ensures a dynamic environment for constant development and innovation, setting the stage for Olas Network's ongoing evolution and progress.

Conclusion: Charting the Course for an Autonomous Future

Olas Network presents a thrilling opportunity to translate your coding capabilities into tangible benefits. The community is committed to recognizing and rewarding the innovative efforts of its developers, and this autonomous initiative is a testament to that commitment.

As we bid farewell to Epoch 3, Olas network invites you to harness this opportunity. Unleash your coding prowess, contribute to the growth of the Olas Network, and drive the autonomous edge forward!

To learn about the services that have already received rewards, see here. For more details on developer rewards, see the "Developer perspective" section of the whitepaper.

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