Autonolas Community Update 012

Bullish On Buidlers Edition
2022-12-05 • Autonomous Contributors

It’s almost the end of the year and it’s the start of a new month, so let’s look back on what’s been happening here at Autonolas. We have a lot of content to share, and an important message from me (Thomas) at the end, so let’s get started!

Twitter Spaces - Recaps and Replays

We hosted Charles Storry from Phuture for a very interesting discussion on onboarding, and ideas about how we can get to widespread adoption of crypto in a Twitter Spaces that you can replay. We also had a very interesting conversation on managing DAO treasuries in volatile times (like the one we’ve been experiencing of late!) with freelance treasury manager 50 and Matt G, Finance Lead at Rook. Give that a replay here and let us know what you think.

Both of these Spaces can be listened to on the Twitter links above, or in our Media Library on Discord.

Community Contribution: Autonomous Augmentations Vol. 3

We were lucky enough to get a third article from none other than Odin.THOR and it’s a cracker! If you haven’t already checked out his earlier posts, you can read Volume One here and Volume Two here. In this series of articles, Odin explores some of the exciting potential of autonomous services, and he takes it in some very daring directions. We’d love your feedback on these ideas, so hop into the Discord to let us know what you think. If you’re keen to share your own ideas on our blog, get in touch! We welcome content contributors from the community, and your effort will earn you leaderboard points, naturally.

Next Block Expo 2022

A great moment this month was buzea200 presenting our Balancer grants project at NBX. If you’re unfamiliar, we’re creating a “smart managed pool” on Balancer that uses Autonolas technology to run itself autonomously based on the current rating of the Crypto Fear and Greed Index. More on that project can be read here. Shout out to community member Yoko for the tweet!


We had several releases this month. Here are the most recent updates:

For more information on what’s new in these releases, check out the release pages linked above, or head to the Frameworks channel on Discord, where we share the notes and links for each release.

Need help? No problem, Dev Support is here for you. Just post your question in the dev-support channel on Discord and we’ll get you sorted.

Research, Threads and More!

We kept the research coming in November with a range of threads looking at different ecosystems and projects. Here’s a summary of each:

In this thread, we looked at crypto index products and ranked the ones that have been outperforming the market. There’s some interesting findings in there, so if you’re interested in this type of investment vehicle, do check it out.

Here’s another great thread, this time created with the help of community member jevans. The scope this time is DAO treasuries - ranked by size but excluding holdings of their native token. There’s some expected winners (Looking at you, BitDAO!) but some surprises as well. One quick note - our analysis methodology missed TempleDAO, so check out the replies to the thread for more info on that.

Next up there’s our thread exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem. Autonolas team member Kian took a deep dive and brought back all the info about what projects are currently building on Arbitrum and broke them out into categories. It’s a great thread and you may learn about a project you didn’t know about.

After that, we released another thread looking at crypto indexes, this time we’re ranking them by TVL. As we go through the top 10, the thread identifies some clues about the future of this exciting sector.

Finally, we have this thread examining the state of off-chain infra projects on Avalanche, BNB, Near and Polygon. This thread specifically examines oracle, keeper and bridge protocols, and offers some clues about which chains are strongest in which areas.

Like these threads? Let us know, and if you have any questions about the research, ping Adriano on the Discord, he’ll be happy to talk with you and share the raw data.

Looking Forward Finally, I (Thomas) want to share some news about what you can expect to see from us next year: It’s time for the team to focus on the tech and building out our autonomous capabilities, including through partnerships with other projects. One change will be a pause on many of the regular community events I’ve hosted in the past, like the Community Showcases, Office Hours and Alter Orbis creative sessions. At some point, these initiatives (and more!) will be returning, but for the immediate future, I’ll be less visible than before.

You are, of course, in very capable hands, and I’ll still be checking in from time to time. For developer support, we have David V, for partnerships and BD, Adriano and Kian are available. I am looking forward to seeing how this next phase unfolds and I look forward to seeing you around the Discord. I will be active on Twitter and if you’re interested in grabbing some time to talk with me, here is a link to my Calendly.

That’s all we have for this Community Update! As always we welcome your feedback on the content and scope of these updates, so please let us know what you’d like us to include in future editions. Please stay connected by following us on Twitter and join the Discord to keep in touch.

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