From LBP to LP


Today at 6pm UTC the OLAS Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is set to end. Learn about the LBP in the launch announcement.

Shortly after closing the LBP a Uniswap v2 LP will be created. The initial pool configuration will be as follows:


  • Main token: OLAS

  • Base token: ETH (wrapped as WETH by Uniswap)


  • 50 ETH

  • OLAS equivalent to 50 ETH, based on the LBP closing price


  • 0.3%

The OLAS-ETH UniswapV2 token pair address will be 0x09D1d767eDF8Fa23A64C51fa559E0688E526812. Once the pool is live, you can view liquidity and swap tokens.

We invite all OLAS holders to contribute as liquidity providers once the pool is live.

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