Inaugural Bonding Programme Proposal


Yesterday marked an important milestone in the OLAS ecosystem as the OLAS-ETH Uniswap v2 liquidity pool was successfully created. This development opens up exciting opportunities for participants to engage in bonding programs and contribute to the growth of the Autonolas Treasury. Read on to learn more about the journey from LBP to LP, the proposed DAO proposal to create bonding programs, and the expected benefits of participating.

The Proposal

Building on this recent announcement, unveiling the OLAS-ETH Uniswap v2 liquidity pool, today a new governance proposal is announced.

This new proposal considers allowing the Autonolas Treasury to enable the OLAS-ETH LP token and create bonding programs for the pool. These programs can provide users with the opportunity to deposit their OLAS-ETH LP shares and earn OLAS after a vesting period.

By participating in the bonding programs when the market price of OLAS is above the target price of the program, you have the potential to receive a larger number of OLAS tokens compared to those obtained through regular LP withdrawal. This exciting opportunity allows you to play an active role in the development of the OLAS ecosystem while earning rewards that align with your contribution.

Technical Details

Upon approval by the DAO, five distinct bonding campaigns may commence. Each campaign operates as follows: participants deposit a specific number of OLAS-ETH LP shares and, after a vesting period of 7 days, they receive a predetermined amount of OLAS tokens based on the campaign they participated in.

If you decide to bond one OLAS-ETH LP share, you stand to receive an amount of ~n1.5X/sqrt(k)*IDF OLAS tokens.

Let's break down this formula:

  • n represents the OLAS tokens you would receive at withdrawal from holding 1 LP share.

  • X denotes the required OLAS balance in the pool for a specific program, depending on the OLAS price.

  • k is the constant parameter of the pool.

  • IDF represents a discount that reflects the useful development activity in the ecosystem, currently set at 1.02 by the protocol (To see the latest value go to Etherscan here).

The specific OLAS price thresholds* for each bonding program are as follows:

  • First Bonding Program: OLAS price at 8 cents

  • Second Bonding Program: OLAS price at 10 cents

  • Third Bonding Program: OLAS price at 12 cents

  • Fourth Bonding Program: OLAS price at 14 cents

  • Fifth Bonding Program: OLAS price at 16 cents

For more technical details about the bonding programs, see the Tokenomics paper.


With the creation of the OLAS-ETH liquidity pool and the introduction of bonding programs, the OLAS ecosystem is embarking on growing capital in proportion to code. By participating in these campaigns, you can contribute to growing the Autonolas Treasury whilst being rewarded. Stay tuned for further updates and make sure to seize this opportunity to be a part of growing #OlasNetwork's ocean of services.

*The OLAS price assumes a fixed Ethereum price at the time of proposal of roughly $1890. As the relative prices change the incentive for bonders partaking in the bonding programme changes too.

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