Introducing the Community Leaderboard Program

Will you be our number one?

Today we’re excited to share a new program designed to engage and reward our community members for their contributions. Particularly at this early stage in the community’s development, we want to encourage the right kind of actions, and it’s our belief that those are things that will get us to exponential ecosystem growth as fast as possible.

Here’s how the system works:

Do great things + let us know + get points!

We’ll launch the program with a few “public” actions, but this list doesn’t encompass everything you can earn points for now, or in the future! You can figure out the rest on your own, or wait for subsequent updates, but we encourage you to think creatively and find your own ways to spread the word about Autonolas.

The goal with this program is to give you easy ways to advance our mission and a simplified way for us to track your contributions. In the near future this will make it easier to identify our strongest advocates and invite them to the right programs, add them to lists and connect them with others.

Keep those goals in mind, and actions you can take to earn points should become clear! You can also suggest actions in the #suggestions channel on Discord.

Leaderboard Actions and their Points Values

Invite a new member to our DiscordInvite someone using your invite link, and we’ll use InviteLogger to identify your invitees2.5
Provide actionable feedback that improves the running of the communityHelp us identify a community-focused improvement that we implement15
Contribute original art, design or writing to Alter OrbisShare your original Alter Orbis related work with us10
Complete an Academy TaskFinish one of the tasks between modules and send a screenshot in the claim form40
Help us identify a reproducible coding error in the documentationHelp us find bugs and mistakes we can reproduce in the documentation. To claim, open an issue on open-autonomy referencing your Discord username.50
Help us identify a non-code error in the documentationFind a typo, broken link, etc in the documentation and open an issue on open-autonomy referencing your Discord username.25
RT or QT a selected tweetHelp us spread the Autonolas message on Twitter1 point for every 100 followers
Create a thread about AutonolasHelp us explain what we're doing with a Twitter thread45
Tag a friend who should follow us on TwitterHelp us grow our community on Twitter by @mentioning a friend2
Take the Community SurveyAnswer 5 short questions about your experience here5

We’ll start tracking leaderboard eligible-actions starting today, August 26th, and release the first rankings after a week has elapsed. Rankings are released on Monday at or before 17:00 CET.

You can claim points by using the submission form, for invites, all you need to do is invite your friends - InviteLogger will keep track of the rest.

Get out there and claim your place on the charts!

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