OLAS Liquidity on Gnosis Chain

OLAS-wxDAI liquidity pool launched on Gnosis Chain

Following the recent ARC approval, which can be found at the OLAS Snapshot space and in OLAS Discord: governance vote channel, showcasing unanimous approval on the AIP-1 proposal in its current form and the corresponding proposed roadmap, we are thrilled to announce a major development within the OLAS ecosystem.

We are proud to present OLAS on Gnosis Chain, the bridged OLAS token from Ethereum mainnet using OmniBridge. Additionally, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Balancer OLAS-wxDAI pool created on Gnosis Chain. The initial Balancer OLAS-wxDAI pool configuration is described in what follows.



  • 0.3%

You can provide your liquidity to and swap your assets in the pool. We invite interested OLAS holders to bridge their own OLAS to Gnosis Chain and contribute as liquidity providers to the pool.

Stay tuned for more updates on the pool creation as we continue to expand the OLAS network, creating crypto’s ocean of services!

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