OLAS public launch: LBP mechanics overview


Yesterday we announced the OLAS Public Launch.

Today, the associated OLAS liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) has been created. You can participate in the pool starting from Wednesday, 5th July, at 6pm (UTC) until Wednesday, 12th July, at 6pm (UTC). In this article, we will briefly introduce the mechanics of an LBP.

The OLAS-USDC LBP is a smart pool that aims to facilitate a fair, market-driven distribution by dynamically adjusting the token prices over time based on two key variables: the weights and the balances.

The initial balances of the pool are 15m OLAS and 50k USDC. The initial weights are OLAS 99% and USDC 1% which will linearly change until the final weights are OLAS 2% and USDC 98%. You can find these and more LBP statistics at OLAS Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool.

Starting from Wednesday 5th July at 6pm (UTC), once participants engage with the pool, you can witness the OLAS price curve evolve. When OLAS is taken out from the pool, the curve will rise (without a sharp increase towards the beginning of the launch due to the selected initial weight), and when OLAS is added back, it will decrease (without a sharp decrease towards the end due to the final weights). You can find a simulation environment that lets you witness the price curve under different market conditions here: Balancer V2 LBP simulator sheet.

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